TBA Election Results

I am happy to announce the results of our election of officers for the Teaching Behavior Analysis SIG for 2016:

Congratulations to the new Officers of the TBA:

Kira Austin

Past President:
Christine Barthold

Shawn Quigley
Ben Witts
Amanda Fisher
Jacqueline Potter
Brady Phelps
Carolyn Ryan

What’s News Week of 3/4/2016

So far, I’m two for two!  This week, we begin our elections.  I’m not sure if we can compete with the Presidential primaries, but we will try.

If you voted on the TBA SIG bylaws, you were asked whether you would be willing to assist the SIG.  Ways you can get involved include a formal election to the TBA board or serving on one of the many committees.

If you replied that you were willing to help out, you will be receiving an email from a George Mason Student volunteer.  She will confirm that you are indeed still willing to serve and that your contact information is correct.

After that, we’ll start the election process!  More on the details of the election process in subsequent web updates.

Wait – I wasn’t a member of the TBA when the bylaws were approved!  No worries.  Just contact me, Chris Barthold, at chrisbarthold@bartholdautism.com to get on our list.

Until next week, may all your chains be concurrent.

What’s News Week of 2/26/16

Hi all!  This is the first of many Friday updates from the TBA SIG.  Here, we will post information that is useful and timely to SIG members.

What was the hot discussion on the TBA-L this week?

If you were not on the listserv this week, you missed discussion about:

  • Setting up an operant lab in a community college
  • Behavior analytic approaches to addiction
  • The philosophy of science and behaviorism
  • Several position openings in higher education

Earlier in the month, member Amy Weich set up a public Google drive for articles related to the teaching of behavior analysis.  Right now, the amount of articles in there are small, but we hope to grow!  We are also hoping that we can add syllabi, course and training activities, and other items of use to our members.

ABAI 2016, Chicago

The TBA is always active at the annual meeting of ABAI in Chicago.  The convention schedule has been published and is available here: https://www.abainternational.org/events/annual-2016.aspx.  Hope to see you there!

TBA Elections and Call for Volunteers

During the summer, we announced that we have new bylaws; so, now we need to have elections.  We need your help now more than ever.  The call for nominations will be posted here as well as on our listserv.  Please consider giving back to and improving the TBA.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and as always, may the environment be with you!

A Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavior Analysis International